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    In recent years, with the people's living standard continuously improve, more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality of life, such as the facade of the living room, especially in the decoration, which is at the center of the reception and family entertainment. This TV has undoubtedly become an important role in the living room ". And this is precisely by more and more users are concerned, how to see the audio-visual effects, such as cinema, as the new pursuit of the object. That's why, one of the trends in the size of the TV set is one of the more big. However, the size of a TV, the price is doubled up, take this year, as the launch of a hundred inch TV, priced at nearly five hundred thousand yuan, which is difficult to accept the price of ordinary consumers. In the face of the user's needs, laser pointer 5mw TV as a replacement for the grand debut, once published has won no small concern. So, we have a more understanding of laser TV, the author of this period to explain.
    In fact, it is not accurate for laser TV what new products, why? As early as 2005, SONY spent a huge laser theater has 500 square meters of the giant screen built in Aichi World Expo, 2006 MITSUBISHI launched 40 inch laser TV prototype in 2007, SONY once again high launched 60 Inch laser TV prototype, in 2007 the United States International Consumer Electronics Show, SONY and MITSUBISHI were on display 55 inch laser TV prototype, 40 inch. The international LDT companies from Germany, Japan's Sony Corp, Mitsubishi Co of Japan, Matsushita, Hitachi, Toshiba, EPSON, Samsung Corp and other companies are also actively studying the outgoing laser TV, laser projection product news. And in 2008, MITSUBISHI officially launched the 65 inch, 73 inch 10mw laser pointer TV market in the United States, this seems to mark the global consumer electronics enterprises in technology began to rise fourth generation TV shows, but actually stopped, the battle for the laser display is not fully open.
    Comprehensive Analysis of Laser TV
    At that time, MITSUBISHI and SONY launched the laser TV, is the true sense of the laser tv. The development of laser TV Sony Corp mainly uses the "direct scanning" and "scanning", South Korea's Samsung Corp the "scan", while the Japanese Mitsubishi Co uses DLP rear projection TV three color laser light source, so they are now the TV is the same, and non laser TV products in recent years, the two there is great difference.
    So in recent years the so-called laser TV products, what is it? The laser TV today, is actually a laser projector, the structure of the hardware, there are two parts, the first is the body itself, but also reflecting ultra short focus projector products, which is called laser TV, because it uses a laser light source, so the essence of laser TV is a reflection of a type of super short focus projection technology laser projector; the other part is the hardware anti light curtain, curtain for special materials, can be reflected light in 20mw laser pointer projector outside, so it can well show the picture in high brightness environment. So unlike the ordinary projector, you can easily the white wall or soft screen.
    Along with the development of laser TV is becoming hot, and the consumer desire for the big screen, making more and more brands to squeeze in, not only the color TV manufacturers Hisense, Changhong and TCL have to get involved, which Hisense is as the main product. At the same time, the recent emergence of domestic brands also began to force, including light peak, Shimeile, AVIC, China recorded, nuts, AI Lowe etc.. And the traditional projector brands have also joined in, including Optoma, ViewSonic, etc., or will have more brands added in the next year.
    However, in many brands to join the next, the laser TV products also will be more. From the current point of view, the market is mainly divided into three categories: ALPD laser fluorescent powder, SLPL fluorescent roller and pure blue laser. ALPD laser fluorescent powder is the exclusive research and development of the patented technology, it uses a monochromatic blue laser light through the excitation of fluorescent powder conversion to ultra short focal lens projection imaging to render. This is known as the laser fluorescent powder, not only to allow the cost of effective control, but also to a certain extent, to solve the problem of heat dissipation. So this kind of product, natural is to light peak 30mw laser pointer TV based, which has become the current market, one of the main applications of laser projector technology.
    SLPL fluorescence is Shimeile drum, the successful launch of the second generation of revolutionary laser fluorescent light source technology. The creative use of fluorescent glass coating technology, drum type phosphor technology and laser excited fluorescence technology and other core technologies, completely solve the industry concerns about "LPL" technology in laser fluorescent light source brightness, and color of life. Another pure blue laser technology, is a Taiwan based brand, such as Optoma laser TV launch, the SSI light source technology (Laser) design, the light source is no longer used "Mercury", no radiation, energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, according to the needs of the projector screen color, the output power of dynamic adjustment of SSI monochromatic light source, the power consumption is only the ordinary light bulb projector 1/3, you can achieve the perfect color performance, achieve dynamic good energy-saving effect. It is understood that no matter what type of 50mw laser pointer technology, are actually abandoned before the use of RGB lasers, and turned to blue laser emitted by the semiconductor lasers with relatively low cost excitation of the high-speed rotation of the fluorescent powder wheel, thus forming different color light source program, but they have in their internal details different.
    In terms of size, laser TV does not have the size of the limitations of flat-panel TVs, the basic principle of the same as the projection, you can easily project a large screen 100 inches. In terms of price, from the beginning of 60 Inch flat-panel TVs, the size of each point in the base price will be to geometric growth, 80 inch flat-panel TV price is the six digit level. And the size of the flexible laser TV, users can feel their needs, flexible adjustment of the size of the screen, LCD TV can not achieve this feature. Therefore, for a variety of different living room environment, in fact, the fitting of laser TV is better, you can adjust the most perfect size and distance according to the needs of users. The new image reconstruction technology makes full use of the advantages of the laser itself. In the light of the mode of transmission, laser light source and traditional incandescent lamps are essentially different: ordinary incandescent light emission in all directions, and all the light will be gathered in a parallel beam. In addition, the laser projector projector can express more than the traditional color range, provide a clearer image. High definition makes the 200mw laser pointer projector can be used in some fields which are not suitable for the traditional projector.
    The laser light source has the characteristics of cold light source, which is more than 10 times of the service life of traditional TV. It has been proved to be 50 thousand hours, but it can be more than 100 thousand hours in theory. Laser display environmental protection and energy saving products, power consumption is only the traditional 1/3 TV, very much in line with the energy-saving emission reduction policy, do not use metal materials a threat to the environment in the production process of laser light, environment friendly light source. Moreover, due to the use of reflective light, close to the viewing is not dazzling, almost natural eye pattern, to watch the comfort, nature, not hurt the eye. Use: used to TV as laser source open does not need preheating time, can do the electricity that is light, and there is no need to wait after the power dissipation, so the use of laser projector products can be open and bright, closed is destroyed, which brings great convenience to the user. Laser light source itself is polarized light, is the most suitable for the performance of the 3D effect of the light source, and the combination of the two is also very easy, there is no obstacle to fusion. It can be said that in the field of 3D display, laser TV has incomparable advantages, and 3D technology is one of the main development direction of laser tv.
    Of course, laser TV in addition to the advantages of laser light source, as a projector, it also needs to show the chip, it is not a tv. And the current market, most of the products are used to be familiar with the DLP technology. Yes, a lot of projector products will also claim that the use of DLP chips, which is currently reflected in the use of reflective display devices, the mainstream technology. Here it is necessary to simply popular science under what is DLP.
    The so-called DLP, is Digital Light Processing, Chinese called "digital light processing." At its core is a piece called DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) digital micro-mirror components of the chip, its task is to produce pixels. If the resolution of the projector is 1920 × 1080, then the internal DMD chip has 1920 × 1080 tiny, reversible micro-mirror unit, corresponding to the image signal pixels. When this pixel needs to glow, the micromirror will flip to reflect the light onto the lens, and you will see the color. If this pixel does not need to light, then the reverse will not reverse the micro-mirror reflection of light to the lens, then the screen on the black pixel display. DLP technology is the use of the mechanism of R, G, B three colors of light into pixels, and then projected through the lens on the screen. Therefore, the user in the choice of laser television, this also does not require too much filtering, display technology principles are the same. But here is to say that, with the 4K chip market, 300mw laser pointer 4K TV products also appeared, such as Hisense and light peak, have launched their own 4K laser TV products, the price of natural than 1080P models more expensive, painting Quality display effect is not the same.
    After introducing the laser TV host, as another part of the hardware is anti light curtain, also need to explain. Currently on the market is mainly divided into metal hard screen and Finel passive bionic screen (Hisense based), both of which have a difference, and the market is mainly dominated by metal hard screen. Hard metal screen is composed of cellular arrays in compact metal molecular fine outer coating resin plate, from the light incident after interference around the array when the oscillation and attenuation and is absorbed, this feature makes the projection screen with high contrast and strong anti interference ability of environmental light, black, color is more bright, even in the bright lights of the interior, even in non direct sunlight outdoors, can eliminate the traditional projection screen image blur fog, providing the perfect image of bright, clear, effective imaging distance is common superfine, screen 1/50 1/30, which makes the display fine degree of up to tens of times, delicate, clear images very sharp. Especially in the display of dynamic video or image, a very strong sense of the level and depth of the image vivid and lively, lifelike, especially suitable for film, 3D animation and game display. Finel passive bionic screen is the side of the lens has a profile of the offset. Through these threads, can reach the specified spectral range of the light band (reflection or refraction) effect. Finel lens after adding a reflecting layer, using the lens angle refraction light emitted by the host, so that it is parallel to. In the same way, the lens and the reflecting layer reflect the external interference light, so that it does not enter into the eyes of the viewer, and plays the role of gain. Therefore, it has anti environmental light, high gain, it can be under the normal light during the day to watch, do not turn off the lights to pull the curtain.
    Visible 400mw laser pointer TV and smart TV products, not much difference between, can watch without a key to open, like the traditional projector that need access to watch the broadcast source. For users, in the purchase, you need to know their own needs to choose to choose. And between different brands of "content" is a difference, in the selection, need to understand clearly, in order to find suitable for their own products, bring more fun big screen entertainment experience.

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