Home of teacher in Thailand.

We have long-term teachers, who have decades of experience. We also have relatively new teachers who still freshly remember what it was like to stand in front of their first class on the first day. Our group also includes teacher trainers, evaluators, supervisors, language center instructors and managers and of course, folks like you, new teachers.

This forum is being developed for you (and for us, to be honest, it keeps us on our teaching toes) to help you find your way through what may be a confusing beginning to your new profession or avocation. Whether you are a fresh graduate, looking for a working adventure before going home, or a seasoned professional that has found the climate and culture of Thailand soothing enough to want to stay here – we do all that we do here for you.

We are ready to offer advice on teaching, classroom management, obtaining visas, evaluating contracts and schools. We can point you to official sources of information and frequently can give you additional tips to make completing your tasks easier. When we don’t have a ready answer, chances are we know in which direction to look – saving you time, hassle and headaches.
Now, that is what we are…and will continue to be.

What we are not, and what we will never be is a place where people think it’s okay to attack, slur and belittle others. No racial or sexual epithets are allowed here. No cyber-flaming, sexpat conversation, name-calling or innuendo slinging are permitted here either.

Our forum is a moderated one, in that a group of teaching professionals will always be on the lookout for ugliness that has no place on a teaching forum, and without question or thought, that ugliness will be excised. If you ever feel that someone else has crossed a line of professionalism, please bring it to our attention.

There are forums that allow that. We don’t. It’s one of the reasons we founded this forum. We felt that it was necessary for teachers and budding teachers to come for help, advice, a shoulder to cry on and an arm to lift you up when you’re feeling you just can’t do this job.

Our forum is one that is constantly being constructed, and now that you are here you can help with that construction. Ask your questions, offer advice from your own experiences, join in discussions about teaching, teaching in Thailand and learning to live here.
If you think your question is too simple to ask, chances are it has already been asked and answered, so take a browse around the forum, peek in the corners and lift up the sheets to see if your answer’s already here. If it isn’t, let’s hear from you.