ClickMeter allows you to have more effective online marketing campaigns. It allows you to understand your visitors and determine which of your published links are more effective.
With ClickMeter you create a "tracking link" that you publish and post on the Internet in places such as forums, social networks, blogs, newsletters, pay-per-click campaigns, or whatever source you would like to measure.

Each time someone clicks on this tracking link he or she will be redirected to the destination page that you defined. During the operation of redirect, which is immediate and invisible to the end user, ClickMeter collects important data such as what site the user came from, where in the world the person is, and more relevant information that is not possible with online tracking tools such as Google Analytics or AWStats.
Those tools in fact only allow you to monitor what happens on your website and cannot precisely analyze external links the way ClickMeter does.

With ClickMeter you can collect all your stats and monitor all your clicks in one place without modifying or adding code in your site. Furthermore ClickMeter lets you monitor and fight against click-fraud activities.