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      Unsanctioned Computer Support Costs Companies $88K per Year Dark Reading So when you multiply that with the 52 hours that an IT security worker spends helping co-workers fix their personal laptops and computers, it comes out to roughly $3,000 a year in lost security work, according to the survey. And when you consider the ... and more »
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    • 1 Day Ago
      The Verge AT&T CEO muses about 20-minute mobile versions of Game of Thrones The Verge TV series are shaped by the format of TV network programming — half-hour or one-hour blocks, with or without space for commercial breaks, depending on the network. But more and more people are watching them on mobile phones and tablets, while TV ...
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    • 1 Day Ago
      KBOE 104.9 FM COMPUTER CAMP RETURNS TO WILLIAM PENN UNIVERSITY KBOE 104.9 FM (OSKALOOSA, Iowa) – Would you like to expand your child's computer literacy beyond playing games, writing stories, and browsing the Internet? Do you want your child to learn how math can be fun and directly related to computer graphics? William Penn ...
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    • 1 Day Ago
      New York Magazine Facebook Rolls Out Crowdfunding to Everyone New York Magazine Depending on your perspective, the rise in popularity of crowdfunding is either a fantastic new way that the internet lets strangers help each other out, or emblematic of the decay of institutional safeguards that we've relied on in the past. Anyway ...
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    • 1 Day Ago
      The Verge Facebook redesigns Trending Topics on mobile to show more news sources The Verge Today, Facebook announced an update to its Trending Topics section that will make the list of news stories easier to parse on mobile with a more diverse list of sources. Now, when you click on a news topic from the search bar on an iPhone, you'll get ... Facebook shrinks filter bubbles with alternate news sources in TrendingTechCrunch all 10 news articles »
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      The Space Reporter ISS astronauts replace computer during spacewalk The Space Reporter NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer conducted an emergency spacewalk Tuesday morning, May 23, to replace a malfunctioning external computer and install a pair of antennas on the International Space Station (ISS). The spacewalk, which ... US astronauts replace failed computer during spacewalkeNCA all 13 news articles »
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      Lifehacker Keep a Dedicated 'Guest Computer' for Your Houseguests Lifehacker After upgrading my laptop, I spent months feeling bad that I hadn't yet sold the old one. It sat around for months, until one day when a friend was over to work on a writing project. He hadn't brought his computer, so I fired up the spare laptop ...
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      CNBC T-Mobile plots new plan to steal more Verizon customers. Here's how CNBC T-Mobile announced a new promotion on Wednesday targeting Verizon Wireless customers to move to its network. T-Mobile is offering to pay the full balance of Verizon customers' phone lease — up to $1,000 — if they switch from Verizon. The move is an ... T-Mobile wants to help pay off your iPhone -- but there's a catchFox News T-Mobile will cover your iPhone if you bring it from VerizonCNET T-Mobile Will Pay Off Your iPhone If You Switch From VerizonMac Rumors TheStreet.com -TmoNews
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