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      Search Engine Journal 5 Important Tips to Make Your Mobile Design SEO Friendly Search Engine Journal The quicker the mobile experience, the more engagement you'll receive. To begin with, analyze every image and every piece of JavaScript and CSS, and compress when needed. Compress larger images when possible; every byte counts on mobile when it ... and more »
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      WIRED Get Ready for the Next Big Privacy Backlash Against Facebook WIRED Data mining is such a prosaic part of our online lives that it's hard to sustain consumer interest in it, much less outrage. The modern condition means constantly clicking against our better judgement. We go to bed anxious about the surveillance ...
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      Business Insider Inside Facebook's plan to eat another $350 billion IT market Business Insider While the effort is essentially a side-project for Facebook, a social networking company whose bread-and-butter business is online advertising, the stakes could not be higher for the telecom equipment companies which risk seeing their specialized ... and more »
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      Mirror.co.uk Mum believes carrying her mobile phone in her bra for 15 years caused her breast cancer Mirror.co.uk A mum of two believes that carrying her mobile phone in her bra for 15 years caused her to get breast cancer . Lorraine Allaway said the 'lump' she found in her left breast was in the exact place she used to store her phone, and claims it is the cause ...
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      Mac Rumors Rare Apple-1 Computer Sells at German Auction for $130000 Mac Rumors A rare working Apple-1 computer that was built in Steve Jobs' garage has been sold at auction in Germany for over $130,000 (via news24). The highly sought-after vintage computer auctioned off in Cologne on Saturday was one of just 200 that the late ... Rare Apple-1 computer sold in German auction house for £100000Metro Rare Apple-1 Computer Sold At Auction For $130000Gazette Review Rare Apple-I fetches less than expected at German auctionDeutsche Welle
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      Forbes Snap Vs. Facebook: Lessons We Can Learn About The Mobile Economy In 2017 Forbes By all accounts, Snap, the company behind Snapchat, had a rough first quarter as a publicly traded company earlier this month. A revenue miss versus expectations ($149.6 million vs. $159 million expected) and slowing daily active user growth sent the ... and more »
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      Hackaday Dis-Integrated 6502 Running Programs; Acting Like Computer Hackaday A processor isn't a computer until the peripherals are built up around it. He's done that with a new board called the MIM-1 for Monster Interface Module. It includes a keypad for input and six 7-segment displays for immediate output. This gives the ... and more »
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      ConsumerReports.org How to Make Superhero Salads ConsumerReports.org How to Make Superhero Salads. Leafy greens are tops in nutrition. These six strategies will help you get the most benefit from that bowl. By Rachel Meltzer Warren. Last updated: May 19, 2017. 0 SHARES. Although “superfoods” come and go, salads never ...
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  • Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aghaze Hayat

    Aghaze hayat ra chegoone mitavan tarif kard? aya an hengamist ke 2 selool ba ham joft mishavand? Aya pish az anke hayat aghaz shavad, chizi bayad az an agaah bashad?
    Ama ba tavajoh be inke besyari a... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Ensan, Robot, Eyandeh

    Az telephon haye hooshmand gerefte ta jaroo barghi ha va automobil ha, ma dar atrafeman ba robot ha zendegi va kaar mikonim. Ama hala ensan anha ra be gooneyi tarahi mikonad ke khodeshan betavanand... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Abadiyat Payan Khahad Yaft?

    Aya zaman ta abad edame khahad dasht ya roozi be payan miresad? In porseshi ast ke daneshmandan be donbal peyda kardan an hastand.
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    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Khoda Ra Ma Afaridim?

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