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      New York Post Tech pioneer wants you to take a six-month break Facebook New York Post When Facebook is selling its services, it tends to brag about the awesome powers it can bring to bear, modifying the behavior of those who log in to it. (I've been at their presentations. My friends and I sold our biometric company Neven Vision to ... Facebook and Google = world domination?Moneyweb.co.za all 4 news articles »
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      PetaPixel (blog) How to Develop C-41 Film in Your Bathroom PetaPixel (blog) Here's a 16.5-minute video by OWL BOT in which photographer Omar Kenji demonstrates how you can develop C-41 color film in your own bathroom instead of passing it to a photo lab. We see Kenji's entire process, from using a sous vide cooker to precisely ...
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      Computerworld Why mobile satellite is flying high Computerworld I don't know about you, but 10 years ago I thought mobile satellite internet access would be much cheaper by now. And faster. And easier. And better. (Much better.) It didn't happen. Connecting from a mobile device via satellite carriers is expensive ...
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      BBC News Two-thirds of drivers 'unaware of mobile penalties' BBC News Almost two-thirds of drivers are unaware of the punishment for using mobile phones at the wheel, more than 12 months after the introduction of tougher laws, a poll has found. The RAC found only 36% of the 2,000 UK motorists quizzed knew offenders face ... and more »
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      Fortune Facebook Messenger Kids App Is Expanding Fortune Facebook's Messenger Kids app is heading outside the U.S. to Canada and Peru. As part of the expansion, the social networking giant said Friday that it would also debut Spanish and French language versions of the children's messaging app that are now ... Facebook Doubles Down on Controversial App for KidsGizmodo Facebook is using Messenger Kids to encourage kindnessEngadget Facebook's controversial Messenger Kids is rolling out to Canada and PeruThe Verge Business Insider -CBC.ca -News1130 -Campaign for a Commercial Free...
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      CNET University of Michigan outdoes IBM with world's smallest 'computer' CNET The university on Thursday said its engineers have produced a computer that's 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm -- it would be dwarfed by a grain of rice. While it drew comparisons to IBM's own 1mm x 1mm computer, Michigan's team said the creation is about more than ... Tiny device forces us to rethink 'What is a computer'?Futurity: Research News The new 'world's tiniest computer' is smaller than a grain of riceDigital Trends The World's Smallest Computer Can Fit on the Tip of a Grain of RiceMotherboard
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      New York Times James Gips, Who Extended Computer Use to the Disabled, Dies at 72 New York Times “The first item on the list was to look at ways in which the brain itself might be used to control a computer,” Dr. Olivieri said by email. “At this time, the technology to do so was a bit daunting. Item 2 on the list was to develop ways in which you ...
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      USA TODAY How much did a personal computer cost the year you were born? USA TODAY Once wildly expensive and inaccessible but to the very rich, computers today are one of the most ubiquitous technologies worldwide. Though many personal computers in the early 1970s were much cheaper, the most basic model of an HP 3000 sold for ... and more »
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  • Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aghaze Hayat

    Aghaze hayat ra chegoone mitavan tarif kard? aya an hengamist ke 2 selool ba ham joft mishavand? Aya pish az anke hayat aghaz shavad, chizi bayad az an agaah bashad?
    Ama ba tavajoh be inke besyari a... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Ensan, Robot, Eyandeh

    Az telephon haye hooshmand gerefte ta jaroo barghi ha va automobil ha, ma dar atrafeman ba robot ha zendegi va kaar mikonim. Ama hala ensan anha ra be gooneyi tarahi mikonad ke khodeshan betavanand... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Abadiyat Payan Khahad Yaft?

    Aya zaman ta abad edame khahad dasht ya roozi be payan miresad? In porseshi ast ke daneshmandan be donbal peyda kardan an hastand.
    Barkhi eteghad darand ke zaman hamvare boode va khahad bood, hata ag... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Khoda Ra Ma Afaridim?

    Dar in barname baresi khahim kard ke aya khoda ensan ra khalgh kard ya ma khoda ra afaridim? Azmayesh haye ravan shenasan neshan midahad ke taghriban har kodaki yek hese penhan fara tabiyi darad.
    ... [Read More]

    Fan Avari Aleyhe Ebolla

    Barnameye Click mamlo az khabarha va gozaresh haye motenave donyaye fan avari: Fan avari aleyhe Ebolla

    Tamashaye Zendeye Game!

    Barnameye Click mamlo az khabarha va gozaresh haye motenave donyaye fan avari: Tamashaye Zendeye Game!

  • South Korea vs Mexico

    World Cup 2018: South Korea vs Mexico

    Belgium vs Tunisia

    world Cup 2018: Belgium vs Tunisia

    Serbia vs Switzerland

    World Cup 2018: Serbia vs Switzerland

    Nigeria vs Iceland

    World cup 2018: Nigeria vs Iceland

    Brazil vs Costa Rica

    world cup 2018: Brazil vs Costa Rica

    Argentina vs Croatia

    WorldCup 2018: Argentina vs Croatia

    France vs Peru

    World Cup 2018: France vs Peru

    Denmark vs Australia

    World Cup 2018: Denmark vs Australia