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      Democracy Now! How Web Cams Helped Bring Down the Internet, Briefly TIME In a world where we increasingly live and work in giant webs of internet connectivity—our computers and phones, not to mention cameras, thermostats, garage door openers, kitchen appliances and baby monitors are all now connected to the web, often by ... Why it was so easy to hack the cameras that took down the webCNET all 13 news articles »
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      Western Journalism Facebook says it's helped register more than 2 million voters CNET You probably hear friends -- and possibly foes -- offering political rants on Facebook, but that's far from the social network's only effect on US election. Facebook has helped more than 2 million people register to vote, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl ... Facebook Struggling With Role As Editorial GatekeeperForbes Facebook Leaders Call It a Tech Company, Not Media CompanyWall Street Journal Facebook demos art-themed video filters, says it got 2M voters registeredTechCrunch Engadget -Fortune -USA...
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      Because of #Election2016, Facebook, Twitter stink now USA TODAY INDIANAPOLIS — This election proved stressful for Tim Hickle. So he decided to do something about it: Exit social media for a few months and turn his accounts over to a voter registration bot. From the end of July until earlier this month, friends and ...
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      AT&T will offer $35 subscription with 100 channels and includes mobile streaming TechCrunch AT&T announced it will offer 100 channels and mobile streaming for $35 per month when it launches DirectTV in November. This is a different position for AT&T, which said it wouldn't be taking on existing pay TV services and it comes right in time for ... T-Mobile seen as top target following AT&T-Time Warner dealReuters all 240 news articles »
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      USA TODAY Dulles airport mobile lounge crashes; two hospitalized USA TODAY Two people were hospitalized after a “mobile lounge” people mover went into a construction trench Tuesday afternoon at Washington Dulles International Airport . The lounge was carrying 37 people when it encountered "uneven pavement" and got stuck, ... and more »
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      Christian Science Monitor The ExoMars spacecraft's crash landing may have been caused by a computer glitch The Verge Europe and Russia's ExoMars lander may have suffered a computer glitch during its descent to Mars last week, ultimately causing it to crash-land into the planet's surface, Nature reports. As the lander fell, the mysterious software bug may have caused ... Did a computer glitch doom the European Mars lander?Christian Science Monitor ESA's Mars Lander Probably Crashed Because of a Computer GlitchPopular Mechanics The latest Mars mission just hit a snag, and it may have...
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      AT&T's web TV plan will have more than 100 channels, but CBS isn't on board yet Recode AT&T's web TV plan will have more than 100 channels, but CBS isn't on board yet. Coming next month: More than 100 channels for 35 bucks. But a major broadcaster seems to be missing. by Peter Kafka Oct 25, 2016, 4:14p. tweet · share · Linkedin. and more »
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      Facebook chatter about Trump/Pence is now 60% women USA TODAY If you have been talking about Donald Trump or Mike Pence on Facebook this month, odds are you are a woman. USA TODAY's Facebook Barometer revealed last week that Trump is generating record amounts of traffic on Facebook. But a deeper dive into ... and more »
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    A New Laser Beam Shaping Technique

    As data demands continue to grow, scientists predict that unless new technologies are being developed to transmit data or today's telecom networks reach their capacity limits, it is only a matter of time. A new technique can help avoid this bandwidth squeeze, which is possible with optical-based optical networks that are more than a hundred times more data-transferable than the current technology. The 30mw laser pointer beam has many different shapes, or spatial distribution patterns. However, today's optical networks use only one spatial pattern for information transmission, which limits the amount of data that can be transmitted at a time. Researchers led by Professor Andrew Forbes of King-soft University in South Africa have developed a technique called spatial multiplexing, which divides the laser beam into a number of spatial modes that allow information to be transmitted.

    In a paper presented at the OSA Laser Conference in Boston, the researchers demonstrated a new spatial multiplexing approach for optical communication over 100 spatial modes, combined with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), which uses light of different wavelengths Carrying information. "We have created 35 spatial patterns encoded at three different wavelengths, resulting in a total pattern of 105," explains Carmelo Rosales-Guzmán, who is a researcher on the study and the lead author of the study. "Our new approach may serve as the basis for future communications technologies." The researchers show that in the free-space optical network of the lab, their technology can transmit data with 98% efficiency, that is, using this beam in air information. Scientists say the method can also be used in optical fiber, which is the basis of optical communication.

    This new technique uses an orbital angular momentum, which gives it a distorted or helical shape. Different spatial patterns can be created by varying the number of zigzags, known as azimuth degrees of freedom. While other scientists have increased the bandwidth of the degree of freedom to explore the setting, in recent years, the study found that although in theory, orbital angular momentum model set is infinite, in practice there is not enough available models to make significant improvements . The Forbes team solved this problem by using degrees of freedom plus another variable called radial degrees of freedom. In theory, the degree of freedom of each azimuth has an unlimited number of radial degrees of freedom, but in practice there is a limit, limiting the number. Because all the patterns are orthogonal to each other, the signals are not confused because they are transmitted and can be separated after reaching their destination. The researchers say that this is the first time that two spatial degrees of freedom have been used for optically encoded information.

    The key to this new approach is an optical device called a spatial light modulator. The researchers used a spatial light modulator to shape the 50mw laser pointer to various modes and had a reversal process at the receiver. "One of the advantages of our approach is that we only need a single detection of all the spatial patterns to recover all the information," Rosales-Guzmán said, "This is the other to increase the bandwidth and the need for multiple detectors faster. "

    To test this new technology, researchers use it to encode a grayscale and color image. Each image is sent to a pixel of a communication link, and then each pixel is restored to the reconstructed image. For grayscale images, each gray level is linked to a single spatial pattern, allowing 105 gray scales to be transmitted. "In this demo, send a 10,000 pixel image in five to seven minutes," Rosales-Guzmán says, "but we can send two or four pixels at the same time or with multiple wavelengths to increase the transfer speed."

    Real-world free-space optical networks can transfer information between buildings, but there are many challenges that are not yet found in the labs, and researchers collaborate with free-space communications specialists to adapt to their practical applications. "We have already experimented in South Africa to make this device capable of accommodating different spatial modes in free communication," says Rosales-Guzmán. "We are more than four times as hard at improving their equipment and are interested in current bandwidth . "

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  • Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aghaze Hayat

    Aghaze hayat ra chegoone mitavan tarif kard? aya an hengamist ke 2 selool ba ham joft mishavand? Aya pish az anke hayat aghaz shavad, chizi bayad az an agaah bashad?
    Ama ba tavajoh be inke besyari a... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Ensan, Robot, Eyandeh

    Az telephon haye hooshmand gerefte ta jaroo barghi ha va automobil ha, ma dar atrafeman ba robot ha zendegi va kaar mikonim. Ama hala ensan anha ra be gooneyi tarahi mikonad ke khodeshan betavanand... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Abadiyat Payan Khahad Yaft?

    Aya zaman ta abad edame khahad dasht ya roozi be payan miresad? In porseshi ast ke daneshmandan be donbal peyda kardan an hastand.
    Barkhi eteghad darand ke zaman hamvare boode va khahad bood, hata ag... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Khoda Ra Ma Afaridim?

    Dar in barname baresi khahim kard ke aya khoda ensan ra khalgh kard ya ma khoda ra afaridim? Azmayesh haye ravan shenasan neshan midahad ke taghriban har kodaki yek hese penhan fara tabiyi darad.
    ... [Read More]

    Fan Avari Aleyhe Ebolla

    Barnameye Click mamlo az khabarha va gozaresh haye motenave donyaye fan avari: Fan avari aleyhe Ebolla

    Tamashaye Zendeye Game!

    Barnameye Click mamlo az khabarha va gozaresh haye motenave donyaye fan avari: Tamashaye Zendeye Game!