• 7 Minutes Ago
      Photoshop has been a part of web design for years, and it’s very likely to continue as such*for a long time. If you design for the web using Photoshop, or you’re a developer who handles coding up PSDs, it’s likely there are a few issues you run into on a regular basis. Even if you've transitioned from Photoshop over to Sketch for the design stage of your workflow, you'll still face the issue of coders needing access to software they otherwise wouldn't use. With either of the two programs, it's likely you'll hit speed bumps that are just par for the course when using tools whose primary...
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    • 5 Hours Ago
      Recently we started a firestorm by telling the world how the Windows 8 app store was completely full of scam applications, and Microsoft has officially responded by removing 1500 applications and pledging to keep it clean. As part of their new application certification requirements, which according to their announcement were actually put into place in June, they are going to be enforcing the following changes: Application Name needs to clearly identify the functionality of the application Category needs to match the actual application function Icons must be unique instead of allowing...
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    • 14 Hours Ago
      The 64-bit builds of Chrome have slowly but surely been working their way through Google’s release channel system, and this week, they have finally landed in the stable channel! Overall, things are looking good with the latest release, but there is an issue that you need to keep in mind concerning the new stable 64-bit build. 32-bit NPAPI plugins are currently not supported: From the blog post: Currently, the only significant known issue is the lack of 32-bit NPAPI plugin support. The 32-bit channel will remain fully supported for the foreseeable future and we will continue to support...
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    • 14 Hours Ago
      GEEK TRIVIAThe First Of The Iconic Cray Supercomputers Was Installed Where? The Los Alamos National Laboratory Bletchley Park Xerox PARC
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    • 14 Hours Ago
      Matt Elliott/CNET I think I speak for the majority of Internet-connected computer users when I say that I'm easily distracted. I'm primarily a Mac user, and my MacBook's menu bar features an ever increasing number of icons that are useful at various points of the day but not all of the time. Plus, I don't need to check the time or my remaining battery percentage every two minutes. With Menu Eclipse 2, you can black out or dim the menu bar. The app doesn't let you remove the menu bar entirely to gain a smidge more screen real estate, but it lets you...
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    • 14 Hours Ago
      Jason Cipriani/CNET Google is known for offering up products to the masses under the "beta" label. For years Gmail was a beta product (it might still be for all we know), and the likes of Google Glass is currently in beta. With Chrome OS, however, Google allows users to make the choice of whether or not to run a beta version of the operating system. There are three different channels, as Google calls them, which a Chrome OS user can opt into, each following a different update schedule and offering different features. The Stable channel is the...
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    • 18 Hours Ago
      How To content for CNET, as well as weekly episodes of CNET\u0027s Top 5 video series.","email":"donald.bell@cnet.com","lastName":"Bell"},"primaryCollection":{"id":"62f3b410-203f-49d9-b99b-fd2c2c2da1a2"},"files":{"data":}},{"id":"b4d2e0ea-6368-48b7-b271-418bab2668fa","title":"Firefighters testing new technology after Hot Shot...
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    • 18 Hours Ago
      In recent weeks, our team had the rather demanding task of designing ten email templates in time for the launch of Canvas, a new and easy-to-use email newsletter builder in Campaign Monitor.* On top of the regular requirements which come with building templates for an email marketing service that designers use (for example, that campaigns look good, even on mobile devices!) there were a couple of extra things we needed to address. First and foremost, there was working collaboratively with design, testing and of course, amongst email coders to make this project happen. As it turns out,...
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    • 23 Hours Ago
      DescriptionThis is a Android UI kit template. It is inspired by the light and thin style in IOS7 and the new Material design. It is not limited to layouts only, in fact, it comes with so much more than just UI Elements, like animations and predefined layouts. Completed with a clear documentation on how to use it.CompatibilityEasy set up in Eclipse and compile with Android 4.4 or higher. Works with (including animations etc) Android 2.3 or higher, custom fonts from 4.1 or higher. Status bar transparency from 4.4 or higher.DemoYou can check out our amazing video as well as the screenshots,...
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