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      PetaPixel (blog) How to Use a Projector as a Lighting Tool for Creative Portraits PetaPixel (blog) Once you learn how to achieve balance between a projector and strobe, begin experimenting with it. Play with projecting video or a slideshow while making multiple exposures. The changing images build up a colorful, abstract texture on the subject ...
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      Google News started a thread

      RocketCake 2.0 - Neowin

      in Web Programming
      RocketCake 2.0 Neowin RocketCake is a free web editor for creating responsive websites. For beginners and professional web developers. No programming needed. No need to learn any HTML or CSS. Just click, drag'n'drop or type. But of course, you are still free to mix in your ...
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      CNBC Facebook admitted it's not always good for democracy CNBC Contrite Facebook executives were already fanning out across Europe this week to address the company's slow response to abuses on its platform, such as hate speech and foreign influence campaigns. U.S. lawmakers have held hearings on the role of social ... Facebook Admits It Might Be Poisoning DemocracyVanity Fair Facebook admits social media sometimes harms democracyWashington Post Facebook admits what we all know: that social media can be bad for democracyThe Verge Engadget -CNET -U.S. News & World Report
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      The Verge The tense, emotional thriller Search proves good computer screen movies aren't a fluke The Verge David Kim (Cho) is recently widowed, and he's been having a hard time connecting with his teenage daughter Margot (Michelle La). One morning, David wakes up to find he's missed several late-night FaceTime calls from Margot. As the day unfolds, he ... and more »
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      Mashable T-Mobile is the way to go if you want the fastest 4G LTE in the US Mashable The "uncarrier" blew past Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint in five out of six major metric tests, besting the competition on 4G download speed, 3G download speed, overall download speed, 3G latency, and 4G availability. The only metric T-Mobile didn't win was ... T-Mobile is best mobile network in all categories but one, OpenSignal saysDigital Trends T-Mobile Smokes Rival Mobile Carriers In Speed According To OpenSignal AnalysisHot Hardware Customers Have Spoken: T-Mobile's Network is Tops -- AGAINBusiness...
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      PCWorld Kano Computer Kit Complete review: A fun DIY 'laptop' that teaches kids to build PCs and code PCWorld Make your own laptop. Learn to code. Hack Minecraft. The tantalizing promise of Kano's Computer Kit Complete ($250 at Target and Kano's website) is made clear right on the front of its brightly colored packaging. This charming kit for kids contains ...
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      Fortune This Mobile Carrier Has the Fastest Network, According to New Study Fortune The big wireless carriers have another data point to use in their battle for bragging rights over which one has the best mobile network. And this time, T-Mobile came out on top. It had the fastest network overall in the fourth quarter, according to ... T-Mobile is the way to go if you want the fastest 4G LTE in the USMashable T-Mobile is best mobile network in all categories but one, OpenSignal saysDigital Trends Latest OpenSignal State of the Mobile Networks report shows T-Mobile still on top,...
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      Daily Beast Computer Program That Calculates Prison Sentences Is Even More Racist Than Humans, Study Finds Daily Beast A computer program used to calculate people's risk of committing crimes is less accurate and more racist than random humans assigned to the same task, a new Dartmouth study finds. Before they're sentenced, people who commit crimes in some U.S. states ... Computer Program that Calculates Jail house tenure in US is more racist than HumansNews Release India all 2 news articles »
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  • Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aghaze Hayat

    Aghaze hayat ra chegoone mitavan tarif kard? aya an hengamist ke 2 selool ba ham joft mishavand? Aya pish az anke hayat aghaz shavad, chizi bayad az an agaah bashad?
    Ama ba tavajoh be inke besyari a... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Ensan, Robot, Eyandeh

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    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Abadiyat Payan Khahad Yaft?

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    Barkhi eteghad darand ke zaman hamvare boode va khahad bood, hata ag... [Read More]

    Jaheshi Dar Elm: Aya Khoda Ra Ma Afaridim?

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