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    • 3 Hours Ago
      Displaying Instagram User feeds. This module solution that allows you to display the instagram user feed or pull all instagram images with a certain hashtag and display them real easy. Add an picture in Instagram and it will appear instantly on your site. Continue to load more User or Hashtag images. The Load More button is hidden after you’ve reached the end of the available images. - Set your module position: displayHome. - Instagram Access Token and USER ID. - The number display images. - Continue to load more user or hashtag images. - Quick integration. - HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of...
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    • 3 Hours Ago
      This module best using two images, one low resolution for the visible image, and one high resolution for the zoomed image. If you only have one image available, this module will still work if you scale down the image, larger images. Configuration options for the zoom. This module provides a field formatter to zoom an image while hovering over it. An image style is selected for the default display image, and an additional style is selected to be used as the zoomed image. When a user hovers over the displayed image, the zoomed image appears and is positioned relative to the current mouse...
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      CodeCanyon started a thread

      async_cronrun (Drupal)

      in Web Programming & Resources
      This module prevents your visitors from getting random loadtimes when CRON is ready to run. By default in drupal cron works like this: Visitors come to your webpage, drupal checks if it’s time to run cron… If so, that visit triggers the cronrun and the page won’t load until cron is finished. This is giving your visitors long pageloads at random depending on how often you set cron to run. This module works the same way except when it’s time to run cron it starts asynchronous using sockets, meaning the visit only triggers the server to run cron but the visitor never actually waits for it...
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    • 3 Hours Ago
      The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. It's on the internet, so it's true. The bane of the existence of all search marketers is old or incorrect information given to clients at any point in time that they still hang on to. This post was inspired by an interaction with a client's co-workers, people that are not thinking about SEO on a regular basis. This is not to knock them, but to bring to the attention of*everyone that there is a continual need for education. These concepts have a way of...
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    • 4 Hours Ago
      In this quick video tutorial I'm going to introduce you to BrowserSync, a tool so good Google built it into their recent Web Starter Kit. You can think of BrowserSync as being a bit like LiveReload*(it watches for changes you make to a web page and automatically updates the browser), except that it also works across multiple devices. BrowserSync has a ton of features, including things like Action Sync which allows synchronized devices to scroll and click*in unison. It can be used with task runners such as Grunt and Gulp, though today we're going to use it as a standalone tool. And it does...
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      apilar (Games)

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      Stack blocks one over another and reaches as high as you can. This game can be exported to the following systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Facebook, Windows Store, Amazon Appstore, Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace, OUYA, CocoonJS, PhoneGap, Intel XDK, Tizen, Open Web App, Kongregate, Ejects, HTML5 website. - Optimized for all mobile devices and Web. – Ads support – Supports all screen sizes (480, 720 and 1080p) – Touch controls for mobile devices. – Splash Screen, Game Over, Loading Screen, Share button – Sprites in HD. – Sound – Easy edite code. – Well commented event sheets....
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    • 9 Hours Ago
      Events Manager Facebook Importer is a plugin, which cooperates with popular and free plugin, called Events Manager. It adds an ability to import events from Facebook to Events Manager. The plugin is very easy to use, once you configure it, by inputing the Facebook App ID, it will fetch the list of your events, then you can decide which one should be pulled into Events Manager. Import includes event picture and location. All events after import has status “draft” so you can do proper alternations, since FB events doesn’t have that much information as Events Manager requires. ...
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    • 9 Hours Ago
      We are proud to introduce the Taxonomy & Metadata Searching plugin built with Angular JS – This plugin offers a wide variety of options with all the necessary features required for you to instantly filter the data within a click DEMO LINK1: Product SearchDEMO LINK2: Post Search Below is a list of the main features offered by the Taxonomy & Metadata Searching plugin : Taxonomy and Metadata Searching plugin With Angular JS Works with all kind of posts and custom posts You can filter from Woocommerce / EDD items Localization Supported Developer friendly & page template override...
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      Explaining Extensions in iOS 8

      in Computers
      That moment right before you select the Stocks widget. Josh Miller/CNET To allow developers access outside of the walled garden Apple is often chastised for, the company created what it calls Extensions. In layman's terms, Extensions allow for iOS (and OS X, when Yosemite launches) apps to interact with your data and one another, only after you've explicitly requested it, while at the same time being restricted to operating in a smaller garden; if you will. Today Extensions are essentially widgets,...
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