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      Washington Post A Valentine's Day guide to avoiding your friends' dumb, love-y Facebook posts Washington Post For many people, Valentine's Day is not a good day to be online. Those endless Facebook flower photos, the hearts-in-eyes emojis, the Instagrammed candlelit dinners, all of it — it's a hard time to cope with your own fear of missing out on the ...
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      USA TODAY To save a Web page, look past your hard drive USA TODAY Q. I've seen some useful Web pages disappear when sites shut down. What's my best option to keep a copy of a page for future reference? A. The obvious answer is to use your browser's own page-saving feature to preserve an offline copy, but that may not ...
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      'GoSnow' mobile app connects strangers, friends on slopes Colorado Springs Gazette Whether you're planning a ski trip to a foreign destination or wondering which of your friends are on the mountain, the GoSnow mobile app may make your life on the slopes a lot easier. Created by former Aspen snowboard instructor Sean Bellerby and ... and more »
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      Fortune How Apple Sucks the Profit Out of Mobile Phones Fortune He's comparing smartphone market shares with mobile device operating profits, and only where they are available. (Chinese manufacturers are not required to disclose profits, so they don't.) Subscribe to Data Sheet, Fortune's daily newsletter on the ...
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      Gaming chip is helping raise your computer's IQ Santa Cruz Sentinel Facebook, Google and Microsoft are tapping the power of a vintage computer gaming chip to raise your smartphone's IQ with artificially intelligent programs that recognize faces and voices, translate conversations on the fly and make searches faster and ... and more »
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      Re/code Here Are the Mobile Startups That Could Gain From Facebook's Fumble in India Re/code And for other Internet companies, too. Because the source of Facebook's struggles — its Free Basics mobile service — was the company's chief tactic for addressing its most perplexing problem in India and other emerging markets: Mobile data costs are ... and more »
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      New York Times Creating a Computer Voice That People Like New York Times The challenge of creating a computer “personality” is now one that a growing number of software designers are grappling with as computers become portable and users with busy hands and eyes increasingly use voice interaction. Machines are listening ...
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      The Indian Express Facebook Messenger has new feature to help you with 'Valentine's day' The Indian Express Facebook has added a new 'Valentine's Day' feature for Messenger. If you've tried sending a message on the app today, you'll notice a little heart with an arrow right at the end. You can send a secret Valentine's Day message to your love interest after ... Facebook messenger get a new feature for Valentine's dayDaily News & Analysis Facebook Messenger is getting a new feature just for Valentine's DayJOE Have You Seen Facebook's Cute New Valentine's Feature?Her.ie
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