• 27 Minutes Ago
      In this series, we're going to cover the most important things you should consider when developing a WordPress Plugin or a WordPress Theme. This guide aims to provide a set of good practices that will be helpful to beginners and also to experts developers that are starting to work with WordPress But wait! If you've been developing WordPress plugins for a while take a look before deciding this guide is not for you. I'm sure you will get somethingof it. After all, we all have something unique to offer. Most of the explanations of this series already exists in the Codex,but I know it contains...
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    • 3 Hours Ago
      Microsoft Word’s context menu has a menu item that most people have probably seen but don’t use — the ability to search for a selection using Bing. You can make this feature even more useful by changing it to search via Google instead. We’re not saying that Bing is a bad search engine or telling you which search engine to choose. If you really like Bing better than Google, that’s perfectly fine, but you should ask yourself why on earth you are reading this article in that case. Changing the Default Search Provider in Microsoft WordLike most awesome tweaks in Windows, this one requires a...
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    • 3 Hours Ago
      Are you still using Windows XP and worried about having solid malware protection for your system now that Microsoft ended support earlier this year? Then here is your last chance to see which anti-virus apps are doing the best job of protecting Windows XP beyond the end of support date! AV-Test.org conducted two different sets of tests. The first one focused on consumer anti-virus products while the second focused exclusively on corporate anti-virus solutions. Surprisingly, quite a few of the anti-virus apps did well during the tests, so if you are considering any ‘last minute’ changes in...
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    • 7 Hours Ago
      In this tutorial we're going to introduce Snap.svg, a JavaScript library which assists in animating and manipulating SVG content. To demonstrate some of the features available, we're going to animate an SVG eye. What is Snap.svg ?Snap.svgis a JavaScript library which makes it easy to create and manipulate SVG graphics for modern browsers. It is the successor toDmitry Baranovskiy'sRaphaël;the most popular Javascript library for working with SVG. RaphäelRaphäel.jsis a great library. Released in 2008, its biggest win was itssupport for browsers from IE 5.5 onwards. However, supportingso many...
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    • 8 Hours Ago
      Today’s Ask How-To Geek is a bit of a role reversal: most people want an easy way to get their photos from their phone to their Facebook account but we’re solving a problem for a reader who wants to get his Facebook photos from his account to his phone. Read on as we show him how. Dear How-To Geek, This is one of those problems that I know has a solution, but because the search terms I’m using are so closely related to the problem I’mnot trying to solve… I’m having a real heck of a time just finding the thing I want. Here’s the situation: I have a Facebook account. I pretty much use it for...
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    • 8 Hours Ago
      Search is well integrated into Windows nowadays. So much so that if you’re using a keyboard, you can pretty much control your entire computer with a few key presses. In this lesson, we’re going to begin showing you how to do just that, putting you well on your way to becoming a search master! We’re going to cover all things Start Search related, but mostly the Start screen and the Search Heroes feature found in Windows 8.1. There’s a lot of cool stuff here so if you use Windows 8.1, and you don’t know what we’re referring to, you may find this interesting. In short, searching from the Start...
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