• 2 Hours Ago
      Firewalls are an important piece of security software, and someone is always trying to sell you a new one. However, Windows has come with its own solid firewall since Windows XP SP2, and it’s more than good enough. Click Here to Continue Reading Source: Why You Don’t Need to Install a Third-Party Firewall (And When You Do)
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    • 2 Hours Ago
      You’ll see badges like “Norton Secured,” “Microsoft Certified Partner,” and “BBB Accredited Business” all over the web — especially when downloading software. You shouldn’t blindly trust a website that displays such badges — they’re just images anyone can copy and paste. Click Here to Continue Reading Source: All Those “Seals of Approval” on Websites Don’t Really Mean Anything
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    • 7 Hours Ago
      Posted by randfish This question, posed by Alex Moravek in our Q&A section, has a somewhat complicated answer. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses how organizations might perform well in search rankings without doing any link building at all, relying instead on the strength of their content to be deemed relevant and important by Google. For reference, here's a still of this week's whiteboard! Video transcription Howdy Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we're chatting about is it possible to have good SEO simply by focusing on...
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    • 14 Hours Ago
      Posted by EricaMcGillivray That's right, Moz fans, we're diving into the the Local SEO conference space. Join us Saturday, February 7th in Seattle as we team up with Local U to present LocalUp Advanced, an all-day intensive local SEO conference. You'll learn next-level tactics for everything from getting reviews and content creation to mobile optimization and local ranking factors. You'll also have opportunities to attend workshops and meet other people who love local SEO just as much as you. Don't miss the early bird deal! The first 25 tickets receive $200 off registration. Moz or Local...
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    • 17 Hours Ago
      If you have a computer with a hefty amount of RAM, would you gain any benefits from disabling the page file or should you just leave well enough alone? Today’s SuperUser Q&A discusses the topic to help satisfy a reader’s curiosity. Click Here to Continue Reading Source: Should I Disable the Page File if My Computer Has a Lot of RAM?
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    • 17 Hours Ago
      Over the years, we’ve created many Registry hacks to customize and tweak your Windows computer. Today we’re going to give you the keys to making your own registry hack files that you can use on any computer. Click Here to Continue Reading Source: How to Make Your Own Windows Registry Hacks
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    • 21 Hours Ago
      If you’re a keyboard person, a lot of things can be accomplished simply using the command line. For example, there are a few easy-to-use methods for creating text files, should you need to do so. Click Here to Continue Reading Source: How to Quickly Create a Text File Using the Command Line in Linux
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    • 21 Hours Ago
      The Only Puppet In The World With The Rank Of “General” Is? Gonzo Lamb Chop Kermit the Frog Ernie
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    • 21 Hours Ago
      Although we live in the age of HD video that doesn’t mean all of us have upgraded our old DVDs to HD content. Let’s look at how you can improve the appearance of standard definition content on your high definition television. Click Here to Continue Reading Source: How Can You Make DVDs Look Better on Your HDTV?
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